Most Hair Transplant doesn't achieve the desire Hair Density

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Recently I had so many clients who had 2 to 4 hair transplants. They're healthy most in their 40's & 50's. They came to me originally to fix their FUT & FUE scars. I was able to fix their scars in 2 to 3 sessions. But when I'm done with their scar camouflage. We all realized that the rest of their head was missing density. They've spend over ten thousands dollars on Hair transplant and still not able to achieve the hair density they've desired. Hair transplants take only what's left of your back head to replant to the top or crown of your head. And about half is lost during transplant procedures. 

Few thing I would advice any person thinking about getting a hair transplants to do few things. Check my Scalp Micropigmention page to see photos of what we can achieve without surgery:

1) Getting Bioneedling Hair Recovery therapy a year or 2 before their hair transplant. You may very well grow your own hair just by having a few Hair Recovery Bioneedling Therapy.  If that's not enough, Bioneedling therapy is a great way to wake up and fertilized your died scalp before getting a hair transplant. I've seen many failed hair transplants. Because it's like try planting in Died soil. 

2) If you still have some hair just missing density. Check with us to see if your hair can be fix from just doing scalp micropigmentation. Because Hair transplant doesn't really give the 100% density. Scalp Micropigmentation is definitely much more affordable, less pain, almost no downtime and 100% success. 

3) Change in hair maintenance. When I was losing my hair due Chemotherapy these are my tricks.

a) Nature's Bounty Extra Strength Hair Skin Nails I take the highest dose you can take. This even helps my skin, I was very itchy and dry before taking this vitamin. I still take this vitamin 3 years since my last Chemo.

b) I use special shampoo, it's called PUR D'Or. I've used that to wash my hair Once to twice a week with very cold water. It really also help me with the scalp itching and burning I get from Chemo.

Good Luck in your Hair Restoration Battle, hope my tips help!

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