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We use the best natural saline solution available, one of the most effective approach to lightening tattoos and Microblading removal. It is safer and sometimes faster than other tattoo removal procedures. In addition, saline solution treatment is ideal for those with darker skin tones, those with sensitive skin, and those who have had an allergic reaction to tattoo pigment. This method can lighten/remove tattoos on any area, including around the eyes.

The first step of the salt/saline treatment is similar to the process of traditional tattooing: our technician will use same device as micropigmentation applying special saline solution into the treatment area. This punctures the top layer of skin, opening the area. Our technician can treat up to a  2-by-2-inch area in one sitting. The saline will draw the tattoo pigment to the skin’s surface and gently exfoliates it away. With this method of tattoo removal, clients can expect the tattoo to become lighter, but a full removal will take a few sessions depending on the pigment used, and how your skin heals. The skin can be re-tattooed after the treatment area heals. We had a few clients only needed one session because it was micropigmentation pigments and they are good healers. Carbon ink is the hardest to remove, it will require more sessions. Saline removal takes less sessions than laser removal and can be use on the eye area.

Treatment for Those with Tattoo Pigment Allergies. We require Clients should consult their doctor about the allergy prior to treatment. We will develop a treatment plan according to the severity of the allergy, the area to be lightened, and the doctor’s recommendations for the client.

1) What can the client expect during and after treatments?

During treatment, the client should expect some minor bleeding and a chance of bruising. The treated area will also be tender for a few days. The skin should scab over and heal over the course of a few weeks. Fading will happen gradually over several months.

2) What are the benefits of this procedure?

The tattoo will become lighter and may possibly fade completely over time. This removal technique is safe for all skin types. The saline tattoo removal is safer and has fewer risks of hypo/hyperpigmentation, blistering, and scarring than laser removal treatments. The skin may be re-tattooed once the area has sufficiently healed.

3) Who are the best candidates?

Individuals who are patient and willing to follow aftercare instructions are ideal candidates. Clients pregnant or on blood-thinning medications or who expect immediate results are not ideal candidates for this treatment.

4) What final results can the client expect?

Clients should be realistic in their expectations. They should expect a lightening of the tattoo, not full removal. Clients should expect two to four procedures before they see desired results. May be more sessions if it's a large area. 

5) How long is each session?  Each session lasts for about 1 1/2 hours.

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